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For many years in the industry, Rochester Video Pros has delighted many individuals and companies by serving them with different kinds of videos and photos. And in the years to come, we will still serve and preserve the memory of your family and help your company boost sales through our professional commercial videographer. In keeping with this, we will not stop learning and experiencing new things in this industry. Our Fairport videography staff are growing their knowledge through the new experiences that they encounter with every client they serve. For example, if a client wants something that is different from the usual way of doing a photoshoot, we grab the idea because we know that this will help us enhance our skills and capabilities as photographers.

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Photography services

Our photographic experts in different service areas are not only skillful but also knowledgeable. They have knowledge in different kinds of cameras what is best for a kind of shoot and not. If you want to have beautiful prenuptial photos inform us ahead of time and we will help you fulfill it with success. The same with corporate photography, Rochester Video Pros is available to assist you whether you require images for marketing purposes or simply to update your website. Potential customers will feel more comfortable doing business with your organization after viewing professional corporate photographs.

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Real Estate Videography

The real estate process requires video. Homebuyers are more inclined to check out properties that have video walk-throughs than those that merely have photographs online or in printed brochures, so it’s not just a terrific method to showcase your property. As one of the most reputable video production businesses in Rochester, New York, Rochester Video Pros has created innumerable property tour videos for a wide range of clients over the years, and we can assist you as well.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is very important, especially for companies that want to widen their capacity to reach their audience and boost their sales. Rochester Video Pros can assist you with everything from equipment rental to internet streaming services, including setup and post-production services like editing. If you choose us for what you’re looking for, we guarantee that we can fulfill this promise. Live events can be streamed by Rochester Video Pros on Facebook Live, YouTube, or any other site that supports streaming services. We’ll take care of everything from beginning to end, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Wedding Videography

Fairport Videography has served all the communities in Fairport, NY, and other surrounding cities with wedding moment filming services for many years. Rochester Video Pros does not just hire a wedding videographer without passion for creating the best video for the clients. Sometimes skills are not important if the passion is not there; you can use your skills, but the credibility and great results are not there. Our team of videographers has the skills, passion, and knowledge to execute their task with great results that will bring satisfaction to our clients. You are all welcome to try our service on any occasion you want. We are happy to meet you and your needs.

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