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Are you looking for a videographer near me? Our Genesee Junction videographers are one of the teams of Rochester video pros that are trusted with making great videos. Whether it is small-scale events like birthdays or anniversaries or big-scale events like corporate events or real estate property presentations, our company is ready to help you with your videos.

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Real Estate Videography

If you are planning to have another property presentation, Rochester Video Pros is here to help you create a great idea that will help attract the attention of the viewers and eventually turn them into buyers.

Real Estate Videography Genesee
Commercial Videography Genesee

Commercial Videography

For many years now, our team has been serving companies for their commercial videos. We provide creative ideas that will catch the eyes of the viewers. We make sure that the objective and goals of the company are well presented in the video. That is why before we start our video, we have a conversation with the owner or representative so that everything is well coordinated.

Drone Videography

It is critical that your videos stand out from the crowd when promoting your company.We at Rochester Video Pros advise our clients to use drone videos for additional appeal to their viewers. Drone shots provide different views and angles than the normal shot of a camera.

Drone Videography Genesee
Genesee Video Editing

Video Editing

The next and most important part of finishing the video is to edit it. Our team of editors are ready to edit all the videos that we have taken from our different clients. In this section, our professional editors are responsible for executing the right shots, angles, colors, and everything else that is needed for the video to come up with its perfect results.

Live streaming

Another marketing strategy for companies who want to boost their sales and reach all their prospective clients without any physical appearance required. Our team will help you with your press conference, project presentation, and other related activities.

Include us in your next video planning for your business and we will make sure that your plans and imagination will come to life.

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