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Rochester Video Pros has been your trusted videography and photography service for more than a decade now. Henrietta Videography of Rochester Video Pros is an expert in delivering all kinds of videos needed by every client. If you are looking for a specific videography service, we are here to provide it for you. If you want to hire us, you need to talk to us at least six months before the date of your occasion. Our team is always fully booked throughout the season. We take pride in this because we take our work seriously. If we take a video, we think that it is our family or relatives, so we do not work less but are excellent.

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Wedding Videography

Wedding videographers are one of the busiest people all season because there are a lot of videos that need to be shot, from prenuptials to the wedding day. Our team uses a new, innovative camera with a great lens that will capture every scene as if it were a real one. Every event we make sure that ahead of time we are prepared and ready for our work and earlier from the start of the event. In this way, we show our professionalism for our work because we do not do this just to gain profit; it is our passion to make memorable nuptial film production for everyone.

Henrietta Wedding Videography, Videography of the wedding ceremony with the groom in a blue suit using the camera, operator and stabilizer.
Henrietta Photography Services, Happy male photographer with digital camera in studio

Photography Services

Besides video, photo documentation is also important to keep memories alive. We have both professional videographers and photographers that use high-definition lenses to capture the moments very naturally. If you have any occasions or events, our team is always ready to serve all the people in New York and nearby cities. If you want to hire us, we are happy to serve you.

Drone Videography

Drone footage creation has a big advantage for all the videos because it provides an aerial shot that helps to see the whole area of the scene. People use drone video, like in the construction industry, so that they can see what is not yet ready and what they need to do. In construction, there are some views of the building that you cannot see. That is why they need a drone to check every detail of the project. There are still other things for which you can use drone video, like weddings, real estate, and others.

Henrietta Drone Videography, man flying a drone in a calm weather
Henrietta Video Editing, Vlogging setup with no people

Video Editing

For so many years now in the industry, serving the community of Rochester, New York, and nearby cities, we have had confidence that we would develop our skills and knowledge to another level. We gain the skill of video tailoring because we want to do every detail of the event that we serve with excellent results. One of the crucial parts of providing excellent videography is the video editing. Henrietta Videography is an expert in video editing, using the latest technology to edit a video for an excellent end result and presenting our edited video with confidence.If you have any questions about our service, we are happy to answer them. Just send them to us through email or fill out the needed information on our Contact Us tab.

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