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North Chili Videography is a team of hard-working professional videographers and photographers that provide video production in the entire area of New York, West New York, and the surrounding cities. videography and photography services with many years in the industry, almost all of them are pioneers of the company; some are added as the company expands.

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Commercial Videography

Whether for individuals or companies, our team is ready to help you turn your imagination into reality. A business presentation video is one way for a company to capture the attention of their prospective customers. That is why it is important that you hire a professional commercial videographer who has complete knowledge of the specific work that you need. Our team will have a good conversation with our client and talk about the commercial videography they need for their company or project. We do have the complete equipment to provide the best commercial video you need.

Video camera operator working with his equipment
Cameraman at sunset capturing a scene

Event Videography

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who focus on every assignment assigned to them because we know that every event, whether private or company-related, is very important and memorable for their clients. Besides dedicated staff, our equipment is the latest on the market, which is why every occasion film that we do is state-of-the art quality. That is how we invest in our passion. We always want to get the best result because we do not settle for less. Our love for videography and photography is beyond measure. That is why we share our passion with all of our clients, so that we are not the only ones who feel satisfied and happy.

Real Estate Videography

Do you want state-of-the art property market filmmaking for your next project? Rochester Video Pros is here to provide you with the kind of state-of-the art quality you want for your project. Imaginations and equipment need to meet so that they can create an excellent video that will capture every eye that will see it. Most common for real estate videography is the 360-degree video that will allow the buyer to see the view of the property. Rochester Video Pros provides the latest camera that is able to create a 360-degree video with the latest features that you can see on the market today.

Latin American female Tv reporter in front of the camera covering breaking news about the COVID-19 vaccination program from an immunization stand.
Blogger's new normal wearing mask use gimbal stabilizer and camera video shooting outdoor. This is the lifestyle of the content creator during the coronavirus or covid 19 outbreak.

Wedding Videography

We know that weddings are one of the most important events that most couples have been preparing for for more than a year. They want a very memorable day, and it needs to have a great video and photo to look back on for many years. Rochester Video Pros is your partner to create and preserve the day of your vows to each other. Every important moment and person in your life are captured and preserved.

If you are looking for a professional matrimonial film creation company, we are what you are looking for.

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