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Rochester Video Pros is a trusted videography and photography service near me in New York and the surrounding city. With decades in the industry, the company has gained enough experience to excellently serve our valued clients and prospective customers. Our staff is well trained and experienced to serve our customers. For every customer we serve, we always want to leave a mark of excellence and satisfaction. Pittsford Videography is a team of experts in video services.


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Wedding Videography

A bridal visual documentation is needed for your special day. Pittsford Videography is your best choice to help you fulfill your dream wedding. Our team of experts can provide the best wedding video that will last a long time. We know that a wedding is very important for every couple. That is why we continually learn new things in this craft so that we can provide the best and most excellent video.

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Commercial Videography

Every commercial for the company is one of the keys to its success. With the use of the new innovations in cameras and other equipment, we develop and create an industry video production that catches the attention of the viewers. With every service we provide to all of our customers, our aim is to have an excellent result that will leave a mark on them.

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Video Editing

We always want to provide all kinds of services in video and photography. Not just video and photo but also eliminating the scenes that are not important and will damage the beauty of your video. Film crafting is the most crucial part of creating a beautiful video. We edit all the wedding and other event videography, whether our own or taken by others. With state-of-the-art video editing equipment, we can edit all the video accurately as if it did not come out of the editing unit.

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Photography Services

We always hear this in various happy and memorable occasions, “Save the best for last.” Like a photo, it lasts for a lifetime. The memory of one occasion or ordinary day means a lot for the future. Rochester Video Pros has been in the image artistry services for a decade and will make your special day last a lifetime. Whether it is your birthday, your loved ones special day, a wedding, or other occasions, you can trust us that you will keep it in your heart and see it in your photo album.

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Drone videographer

Are you looking for a sky-level filmmaker? Pittsford Videography has you covered. Our professional drone pilot has great experience operating our drone equipment. For business or private use, you can trust us. Rochester Video Pros is trusted by real estate companies and other businesses that need a drone videographer for their commercials and presentations. The same is true for private use for special occasions. If you want a drone video, our company is willing to serve you. If you have any questions or inquiries, send us an email or fill out the needed information at our contact us tab. We will answer all your questions.

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