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Rochester Video Pros has been in the video production industry for more than a decade with a good reputation for satisfying customers. Our Scottsville videographers are not only professional and well trained, they are also great at meeting deadlines. From the time of the events up to the time of providing the video, they do not miss each deadline. For your future video needs, we are just one call away. Contact us at 585-488-4864.

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Video Editing

We’ll use our exact media refinement services to ensure that every shot is significant. We will make sure that everything comes together into a unified end product, whether you need assistance with color grading, audio mastering, or adding effects to your film.

Scottsville Video Editing, a perfect setup for video editing and livestreaming
Scottsville Commercial Videography, two digital cameras recording a commercial video

Commercial videography

Scottville videographers are one of our teams that are experts in creating attractive business visual promotional videos that will uplift the brand of your business. We are serious about every small detail of the video because it will have a big effect on the whole video.

Wedding videography

The wedding day is one of the most important events, and our Rochester team is concerned with every shot and venue to match all the details that will create the best and most memorable wedding film. You can depend on our team that your dream wedding day will come to reality.

Scottsville Wedding Videography, professional camera operator recording the perfect bridal videography
Photography Services Scottsville, woman taking a picture of a polo

Photography services

We photograph almost all events and special days because we want them to be remembered in the future, such as weddings, baptisms, graduations, and other special occasions. Rochester Video Pros is knowledgeable and experienced in handling memories that are sealed with beautiful colors that look real through offering image storytelling services.

Real Estate Videography

Housing advertisement films is very important for presenting your property to prospective buyers. This is one of the most convenient presentations for you and your buyers because you don’t have to travel just to present in their homes or in your office. You can close the deals.

Real Estate Videography Scottsville, female engineer taking picture of a property

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