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Rochester Videography serves all the cities in New York, including Spencerport Videography, with different companies and individuals as clients. videography and photography services in Rochester and the surrounding cities.

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Commercial Videography

Commercial visual communication is one of our specialties. With complete, innovative equipment and technology, we provide the best video production that creates the most convincing commercials for all kinds of business industries. We are a team of individuals with a passion for video and photo shoots. We start as a hobby and passion until we capture the hearts of all people with the great creations we make, including the best equipment that we use. If you are a company that is not yet familiar with our service, we are happy to introduce ourselves to you; just contact us and we will provide our details.

Handsome african man sitting at table with modern laptop and recording video on camera that fixed on tripod. Male blogger creating content for his social media.
Television cameras and people are at a press conference. The background of the image is blurred. Several people are sitting in seats and looking at a speaker behind a podium. The focus of the image is on the cameras in the foreground. No women are in the image. Several of the seats in front of the speaker's podium are empty. There are lights and green vegetation in the blurred background. The cameras are positioned on the left and right side of the image. The cameras are the largest features in the image.

Event Videography

Rochester Video Pros provides professional event coverage services that are aimed at preserving your memories for a long time. We can meet all of your demands, whether you need a wedding videographer or video for a birthday party. Additionally, Rochester Video Pros provides services for photography and editing. We also provide services to all kinds of businesses that need to have a special event for their company for promotions or a celebration of the company. We have complete equipment and manpower to assist you if you have a big event. Set us up an appointment so that we can lay out to you all the services we can offer for your company event.

Photography Services

Besides videography, we also provide photographic solutions that will help preserve your special event not only on video but also in photos, both for individuals and companies. That will remind you of the success and create new plans for another leveling up of your company. The same is true for individuals; this will help them reminisce about happy memories and continue to create more. We are happy to help you preserve your journey in your life, both personal and professional. We promise that with each service we provide for you, you will rest assured that it is worth the price.

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Young casually clothed man setting up computer chair for his recording studio

Video Editing

Rochester Video Pros is a result-oriented company. We always think of a solution for every situation that we are experiencing. We do not look at it as a problem but as a challenge for our growth and additional knowledge. The same is true for creating a video; we do not just create a video that has no quality. That is why we also specialize in film polishing so that we can present to our clients the finished product with excellent results and make them happy with what we did. Video editing is a serious task that requires time, effort, knowledge, and diligence to produce high-quality videos and photos.

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