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Are you looking for a videography service near you? Look no more; we at Rochester Video Pros are experts in all kinds of video needs, both for individuals and companies. videography and photography services If you want to know the services we render, you can check out our services tab so that you will know what we are doing.

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Wedding Videography

Every couple awaits the special day of their union, which is the wedding day. And you need a wedding day videographer for sure, especially ladies want to have a memorable wedding ceremony, which is why they are very involved in planning the wedding ceremony. We at Rochester Video Pros serve nothing for less, which we always keep in mind each time we have a project for either an individual or a company. We know that this is an important event for every couple, which is why we make sure that our equipment and materials are complete and working. So that we will not damage the program of the wedding and the wedding itself.

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Video Editing

Motion picture editing is a crucial part of a great video. If you have no knowledge or skill on this part, you will make the video unappealing to your client. Rochester Video Pros is knowledgeable about video editing. Our team attended a training about video editing so that we are not just skilled but also knowledgeable and can edit a video perfectly. This will make our customers happy and satisfied.

Real Estate Videography

Rochester Video Pros are skilled at capturing every detail of the property, inside and out. Besides the skills, our team also attended videography and photography training to enhance our ability to execute the work properly especially on real property videography. Before we do our work, our team has a series of meetings with our clients to discuss important things. We do this so that the work that we will do will not turn into a disaster and be delayed.

Interior videography. Seen from behind young woman photographer with tablet pc in the modern house in sunny day.
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Event Videography

Every event is very important, both for individuals and companies. That is why our team always makes sure that before we start, everything is working. We also use the latest models of cameras and accessories so that we can provide the best event storytelling video for all of our clients. Rochester Video Pros can help if you want to preserve the memories of your special day or occasion. In order to deliver outstanding service, our videographers will be present on-site for the duration of the recording and will collaborate closely with other suppliers. Our team is your trusted professional videographer and photographer at an affordable price.You can visit us in our office, call us at (585) 488-4864, or email us at

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