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Rochester Video Pros has been in the industry for more than a decade now and still keeps on growing, adding new skills and knowledge and enlarging its capacity to serve more people in the whole community of New York and its nearby cities. West Henrietta Videography Services provides all kinds of videography and photography services, and all our customers give positive feedback on the services we rendered for them. With the use of new technology on cameras and other equipment, we were able to provide a unique and excellent service.

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Commercial videography

Rochester Video Pros is delighted to serve companies by producing quality promotional video creation for their products and services. Every day, we learn new things from the concepts and ideas that our clients give us. It encourages us to search more, find new things to meet, or provide our clients with the best commercial videos. West Henrietta videography is kept learning the same as our other service areas.

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Video editing

The hardest and longest part of producing a video is the media population or video editing, but it is worthwhile because we want to deliver the best product to our customers. With new technology and equipment as the years go by, editing is getting easier but still challenging. However, we love challenges because in them we grow and develop new skills and knowledge, as well as unity, knowing the importance of working together.

Photography services

Are you in need of visual media services? Rochester Video Pros provides all kinds of photo shoots for families, individuals, different events, and many more. With our camera, we meet the satisfaction of our customers, which gives us fulfillment. You can visit our website and check for services, and we are happy to serve you. However, it is better that you booked us six months ahead of time. Because in all seasons we entertained so many clients, they booked us.

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Drone Videography

Aerial views are attractive to all people. Whatever events are there, they look fantastic. However, operating drone equipment is not as easy as we see it move. There is training that an aspiring drone operator must undergo. Our drone operators are well trained, certified, and experienced. If you are in a construction or real estate company, aerial visual documentation is an additional attraction to gain more clients.

Real estate videography

In our generation now, real estate companies have evolved their way of approaching their future clients. Housing media production is a must now in this industry because of its convenience and because it is also a great way of presenting the property to their clients. Our team in West Henrietta is a professional real estate videographer. They are able to shoot the property in 360 degrees and other ways. That will convince the prospective buyer to buy a certain property, like a condominium or other property. And also, with different platforms, they can present their videos without hassle. Videography is a big advantage for gaining profit. If you are a real estate broker or agent, try to invest in hiring a videographer.

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