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We are delighted to serve all individuals and companies with our passion to shoot both video and photos. With decades in the industry, our passion for videography and photography services is growing because there are a lot of people who make us happy and feel satisfied with the services we provide. videography and photography services in Westgate Videography is a group of Rochester video pros serving individuals and companies in the area.

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Real Estate Videography

Do you need a photo and video for your property to sell? We at Rochester Video Pros are professional photographers and videographers with more than a decade of industry experience. We provide shooting from all different angles, from inside and out of the property, and the whole view of it. We can shoot 360-degree photos so that once your clients see the property, they will see it as if they saw it in person. With the state-of-the art property promotion films we offer and equipment that we have, you can trust us with all kinds of needed views for customers to convince you to buy. You can trust us that we will do it. Our professional photographers and videographers are experienced in shooting property.

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Event Videography

Are you planning a surprise birthday party or other event for your loved ones? Westgate Videography is ready to help you execute your plan successfully. Our team at Westgate Videography will help you keep the memory alive by capturing the best moments and preserving them in the album. With all kinds of event capturing, the Rochester Video Pros team is here to serve.

Live Streaming Video

Westgate Videography is an expert in delivering digital streaming assistance for any event, both for business and for private use. Rochester Video Pros has the complete equipment and technology to meet the need for live streaming an event. If you plan to live stream your conference to reach your other team in different areas, we will help you do it with loud and clear video and sound. Although ordinary streaming can do this, the quality and longevity of the streaming videography are limited and of poor quality. We ate at Rochester Video Pros. We provide all the needed equipment and technology to make your conference successful.

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Young woman filming the video blog about making leather shoes in her workshop.

Commercial Videography

Are you a company that needs a new corporate visual campaigns for your products or services? Rochester Video Pros are experts in video production; whether it is a short or long video, we will serve you. With many years in the industry, our team already knows the pros and cons of doing commercial videography. For example, if our clients say something and we know that it will not work due to complications or anything else, we will politely suggest the best way to execute their plans and desires. Our creative team is not losing all kinds of ideas when it comes to commercials. We all know that videos and photos speak to their purpose. That is why we make sure that we communicate well with our audience, the future customers of the company. Send us your inquiries and a message, and we will get back to you. You can go to our “contact tab” and fill out the needed information.

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