Three Actual Applications for Animated Video

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Although video can be great for social media, other marketing efforts, and brand storytelling, sometimes your ideas are too huge for live action. Read how Video Marketing Becoming More Popular. Animation can take viewers to a different realm, make complex ideas simple, and inspire empathy. We employ animation to make your ideas come to life whether they are too outlandish for live video or just difficult to capture on camera. 

Three examples of animated storytelling are provided in this blog. Continue reading to learn how we produce interesting animations for advertising campaigns, events, and career development.

Use animated explainer videos to showcase your goods and services

You can’t constantly be available to show potential customers your products. You can utilize animated videos to explain the use case for new goods and services in a way that is relatable to and clear to your audience. Animation not only makes complex technological ideas easier to understand for producers, but it also enables viewers to identify with your story.

Customers don’t need to contract with several providers to get a range of crucial digital solutions. The product deals with problems with digital communication, network connectivity, and cyber security. Animation makes this complicated service easier to understand and helps viewers envision how it will improve their company’s day-to-day operations.

Use animation to communicate ideas that live action footage cannot adequately illustrate

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a high-quality video camera in their pocket. Even if video production is more affordable than ever, you’ll probably discover that there are some situations that are difficult to capture in live action. For instance, imagine that the focal point of your vision is a distant city. Even if it might be too expensive to drive there and film there, animation can transport you there right away.

Animation provides a way to convey your idea when it is logistically impossible or simply too expensive to capture a particular event. 

Use animated videos to train new hires

The onboarding process for new hires can be streamlined by using video in your company. Accuracy and safety are crucial in physically demanding occupations like construction, manufacturing, and related fields for both the consumer and the employee. An efficient technique to instruct staff members on proper procedures is through animated video.

We created a 3D animated training video on satellite installation for our previous animation video example. We built models of every step of the process to make sure our animation portrayed it exactly. The movie provides a step-by-step tutorial for mounting the satellite while using 3D models of the surrounding area and the hardware. The finished product has a pleasing visual appearance and is simple to comprehend.

With Rochester Video Pros, produce animation of the highest caliber

To tell your narrative, you don’t need to go into space. When a live action video of your idea isn’t practical, animation may make it come to life. We can assist you whether you want to set your story in a distant location or just need to make difficult subjects understandable to your audience. You might want to check out this article about How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Videos Using Audio.

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